Reflection – Task A

Reflecting on previous work

First of all I looked back At my test shoots and final submissions, what I found I was happy with from this selection was; the amount of time in which I allowed for the photo shoots, this allowed me to create images that came out exactly how I wanted. I’m also happy I was allowed to experiment with lighting, I feel way more comfortable using different techniques now more than back in the beginning of the year. One of my favourite projects I did this year was the magazine, and also the essay I did to go along with that project. The essay was about feminism and for the magazine we chose femininity, so I was able to link things between the essay and the magazine. Also femininity and feminism are some of the subject that I’m very passionate about, so I feel I was more involved and determined to do well. I’m also pleased I have been able to photograph a variety of models, I feel it shows my appreciation for all types of women, it also shows that beauty comes in all colours, shapes and sizes.

I would love to developed my skills in film, as I find film very interesting and calming. I think it creates a calm atmosphere, purely because you can’t keep checking the images and scrutinizing how it looks. I also would have loved to have gone deeper into my styling identity project, and found more artists who have based their work on femininity and feminism. Another thing I would like to develop even though I have said my lighting skills have gotten better, I would like to be more creative in this department.

One of the things I feel could have been better within my final submissions is my writing skills and analysis of artists; I think reading more in general and reading more about essays could improve this.

My favourite techniques and methods would have to be a studio environment; I feel I work better in an enclosed space. This is probably due to the fact that I become comfortable and I don’t have to worry about moving things and causing myself issues because of moving things. Another technique I like is developing film and producing images in the darkroom, for some reason it feels peaceful and in a way more professional. Film sort of makes me think that no normal Instagram snapper can be a photographer; it gives me faith back in the profession. I would also like to practice more with daylight as I have done a lot in the studio with flash, however I do like natural light as I feel it creates nice candid images and a special kind of atmosphere.

The only links I could think of between the works I have created was the fact that I like to create my set and make a different environment within something that is quite plain. I also tend to light everything. I haven’t felt restricted in any of my project so far; I’ve really enjoyed every single one. Even though they are different, in each project I have found something I loved about it. One of the only things I feel restricted by is travel and location shooting however this might be solved within the next few months as I’m planning on passing my driving test. Things I would really love to get better at are being creative in lighting and angles, plus to be more confident in shooting film.

My ambitions are to create pieces of work for magazines such as ID, another mag and the gentlewoman as these are some of my most loved magazines to look through and get inspiration from. I know they are very mixed and different styles but I myself am very much like that, I switch from one style to another and love to experiment with different techniques. By having such a variety of work I would be able to then customize my portfolio to each style.

Another thing I love to do is collaborate with people, because I like doing so much I often find I’ve given myself too much to do for each photo shoot. By collaborating with stylists, MUA’s and designers it means one less thing to add to the list. It also means I can focus on other things and make sure they are perfect, for example sets and lighting.


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