Julia Hetta

Julia Hetta

Julia Hetta is another Swedish photographer, however who graduated from the Gerrit Rietveldt Art Academy in Amsterdam in 2004. Her work has been shown in a number of countries around the world some include Holland, Belgium, Sweden and France. On her website it says her work is rich with romance and gives the audience a glimpse into an alternative world, people have said that it reminds them of paintings. In my opinion it looking like paintings is very true, however with the romance I don’t see it so much however if anything it reminds me of a dark romance only really through the colour’s she chooses to use. She has amazing technical skill with lighting her scenes and models, which is shown throughout her work. She definitely isn’t one for bright colours however the colours she chooses are very rich and strong. Her work has extended from Another mag to Jil Sanders and Hermes.hetta






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